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"Attention New York City, there is a new Sheriff in town… and his name is Mark Bennington. I just shot with him and it was hands down the best photo experience I've ever had in this city- from start to finish. The studio was easy to get to and Mark is so talented and easy to be around - the session was totally Fun and Relaxed as he listened to my specific goals for the photos, and then -presto- made them a reality. But above all, what sets Mark apart from the other top photographers in town (besides his reasonable pricing), is his innate and rare ability to capture your essence. Not just your 'Okay, I'm having my photo taken and I need to look great face' that the other guys get. I have finally found my secret weapon photographer! .... And to all NYC photographers, take note - the bar has just been raised."

 - Amy


"I just shot with Mark Bennington and I am completely blown away. In my 25 years in the business, I have never been so pleased with my photos. I knew my agents at CESD would also be happy but when one of them called me and was practically hyperventilating, I was convinced we had struck gold. Her exact words were "Oh my God, you better get ready because you are going to be very, very busy." Then, my agent even took the time to call Mark to thank him and compliment him on the fantastic shots. Marks photos are so beautiful and interesting and full of life and energy. He brought out the very best in me and made every shot a work of art. The only problem was deciding which ones to use. They're all so good!"
- Michael

"We don't really know what it is about Mark's shots, but all I can say is the clients that shoot with him.... clients that hadn't been getting a lot of activity, start going out like crazy and usually start booking... like some magical clock-work."
  - 'A' list Talent Agent


"Mark is on every agent recommended list in town and no wonder - he is the best photographer I have ever worked with! He makes you laugh and totally forget about the end result. My Agents were jumping up and down when they got the shots and I booked ER guest-star gig the first week they were online.... go figure!"
  - Barbara

"So, (Mark) you have really impressed us all, and I am truly weirded out by having such a great picture of me so late in life. I feel that the photo is so flattering that it is really a piece of wonderful luck--thank you so much! I am sure we will used in on every book of mine for the next hundred years, I should be so lucky."

Jane -

"Admittedly, I dreaded getting my photo taken. For some reason, each time a camera is pointed at me, my lips curl in a fake smile that looks as if it's been sitting on my face since the 80s. But, as an author, a headshot is a necessary evil for my book jacket. In color, too! Oy. I'm not sure how he did it, but Mark made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked into his studio. He nodded as I pointed out my facial flaws, chuckled when I ran to the mirror and shrieked, "My lipstick is too pink!" and patiently waited for me to readjust my makeup and ready myself for the coming ordeal. Then it happened. I sat down, we talked, I smiled, Mark fixed my shirt when it was askew, and the camera clicked. It was over quickly. And a few days later when I saw the photos I was agog. Who is this gorgeous woman? Where did my jowls go? Did he retouch? (No, he didn't!)Quite honestly, I can say that Mark accomplished the impossible: He made me look both exactly like myself and much better than myself. Precisely what I wanted. If only he'd been there for prom night....sigh."

​- Mary

"It took a year from my agent first recommending Mark, to me actually shooting with him, because I was doing ok with my old headshots and was reluctant to spend the money, but after Mark's pictures went up on "lacasting" my auditions increased four-fold.. that's not an exageration, they made a huge difference! I went primarily to get commercial shots, but came away from the shoot with 6 very contrasting commercial shots and 3 theatrical, which I have been using ever since. His work is technically flawless (lighting, color balance, composition etc), yet have a very natural, unposed feel to them... each time he clicks the shutter it is for a specific reason and captures something different! I can't recommend him highly enough."
  - Nicholas


"Mark is a true artist and great professional. And to me it's this human quality that he captures, the truth in his subjects, which separates his pictures from other photographers. He just made me feel so relaxed, at times we were having so much fun, I couldn't stop laughing - and yet, in one session we got over a dozen totally different looks. People who have followed my career along the years were quick to express that for the first time my pictures captured the Bianca they knew."
  - Bianca


"From my experience of being photographed by Bruce Weber, Avedon, and Marc Shaw, I concluded that all three of them were massively creative and able to document their time with a specific vision. Not until Mark Bennington recently photographed me had I felt again that unique power that creates a union between the photographer and his subject. Mark has this rare ability to make one feel comfortable, attractive and very special when he is photographing you, and you simply know he will capture what is most interesting about you."
  - Robin


"Mark's totally inventive; he'll try anything. He always gives us loads of stuff to choose from, and I love that!"
  - 'A' list Talent Agent


"Having worked the LA market for almost a decade, my agency and I decided it was time to recreate my commercial image. Who was the right photographer for the new look? Well, at the very top of the list of exceptional photographers, was Mark Bennington, and I feel compelled to share my complete and utter satisfaction with Mark's work. Mark is one of the most gifted photographers I have worked with in the past twenty years. His talents will make a serious "mark" in the Commercial and Theatrical industries. My agents are delighted with my new headshots, and my audition schedule has more than tripled. Casting & Production is seeing me in a whole new light, and as a result, my callbacks and bookings have more than doubled."
  - Jonathan


"Mark has two very unique characteristics as a photographer and a person which enable him to shoot 'headshots' that are far more interesting and unlike anything currently out there. First, his insight into the human spirit, seeing not just the "actor" (we are all actors, how boring!), but really seeing the person  - me, who I am, as well as what I sell. Second, his playful sense of creativity - with clothes, settings, backgrounds, shots, etc., which ultimately gave me really exciting and specific headshots, yet ones that weren't about his photography, but were about and looked like me. Thank God my agent recommended him, because in this market now when the headshot is the pitch, you must have something striking and extraordinary. Mark gets that- and gets the shots!"
  - Helen


"Dr. Hunter S. Thompson wrote, 'BUY THE TICKET... TAKE THE RIDE,' and that's precisely what I did with Mark Bennington. Are you kidding me?! Mark Bennington is a complete fucking maniac!!... and I mean that in the very BEST possible way! I don't feel I'm particularly pleasing to look at, aesthetically, but Mark set me right at ease and somehow managed (miraculously) to make me feel not only relaxed and comfortable in my own blotchy skin, but also cool and confident in my abilities as a so-called actor. Bennington seems to have this incredible foresight into the auras of his subjects, and he captures them through his lens seamlessly... with total class and a most vibrant imagination! Bravo Bennington!"
  - Max


"Mark's not 'Hollywood.' He's a casual, down to earth guy who's comfortable in his own skin. Improvising and coming up with interesting shots is his thing. If you're looking to shoot without Hollywood grease, Mark is the man."
  - Greg


"As you know, I was looking for an agent and because of your pictures, I am no longer looking, I am signed! I have used many photographers over the years and still pics always make me nervous. You had me so relaxed and un-rushed that you found something in me no other photographer could: a smile. I know that may sound odd but you found it and caught it on film. Your method and your patience are a gift to all actors."
  - Louie



"I'd heard so many rave reviews from writer friends, I decided to give Mark a try and was thrilled with the results. He works fast, knows exactly what he's doing, can relax the most camera-shy among us - and it's literally impossible not to give him a genuine smile! How can you go wrong?

- Cathleen



"For the first time in 20 years I gasped when I saw my headshots--in a good way!! For years the most common remark about my headshots was 'I don't see you.' Now I'm pretty sure I won't ever hear that again. Mark's pictures are the most beautiful, most awesome, most me I've ever seen.  From the moment I walked through the door, Mark was amazing. He was so welcoming and encouraging that I didn't have time to be nervous. All I had to do was be me, and Mark captured that perfectly!"
- Michelle


"Working with Mark was very easy. Mark's approach has a quirkiness that fosters spontaneity, and that's what we want to catch in a headshot."
  - David


"I hate photo shoots. But, I looked at Mark's photos online and it got me thinking about characters, characters that I tend to go out for and characters I've have played in the past. Then, I started thinking about all the characters I know I could play, but have never gotten a shot at for whatever reason. I began to get excited, brainstorming about what is really different and "funny" about me. But then, of course, on the day of the shoot I arrived feeling totally stressed out ...but, Mark produced this vibe of ease and spaciousness and focus; completely present and to the point, so, we just got right to work creating characters... and playing. I had one of the most creative and positive experiences ever (shooting headshots!) I left feeling like "Oh yeah, this is why I do this acting's a blast!" And now, my reps get me in on a wider and much more exciting variety of roles. Now the casting people can no longer say, "I just don't see her like that," because now... they can."
  - Mary


"Shooting with Mark was an entirely different experience than my past photo sessions. Yes, we're all a little apprehensive and bitter about having to get these precious, precious things called Headshots taken--cut to--that lasted about 30 seconds with Mark! I immediately felt like I was just hanging with a buddy, which meant I didn't have to "think" about taking a good picture. And, what really impressed me, was not only did Mark make the most of what I already knew worked for me, but with such easiness and enthusiasm brought out all these different looks, into the best shots I've ever taken. His sense/eye for catching the best of "who you are" is remarkable. I felt very confident right after we shot, but was blown away when I got my 4/6s back. My agent was on the money with recommending Mark. How he fused wardrobe, to background, to moment was fantastic. All different, all great!"
  - Michael


"Mark's technical skills are matched equally by his people skills. The end result was shit tons of excellent photos; maybe too excellent! I can't decide which one to use for my main headshot."
  - Eric


"I grew up in front of the lens, having a photographer as a father, not to mention years of the never ending headshot brigade we actors go through, but, shooting with Mark was sooo much fun. He has great ideas, is incredibly relaxing and really finds who you are- in so many different ways! Seriously, he has a real gift at bringing the actor's personality right into the photo. Even more importantly, he loves what he does and it shows. Which makes a big difference for the subject. I mean, when you know the photographer's having fun, you can't help but have fun too!"
  - Julie


"Mark's photos are the first in over thirty years in the business that really capture who I am. He has the ability to catch one's essence before the subject realizes it. His timing is perfect."
  - Drew


"I had never felt comfortable in a photo session before I went to Mark. He changed all that with his easy demeanor and relaxed manner. He had no "tricks" that I had to follow. My commercial agents are ecstatic about my new pictures, finally a photographer who has captured my personality on film!"
  - Blythe


"Mark made me more comfortable than any other headshot photographer has by being focused, friendly and enthusiastic about the entire shoot. His creative eye enables him to find great locations and helped me to make the best choice with wardrobe. He knows how to capture personality, and gives you many great shots from which to choose, not just the usual 3 or 4 out of a session. The shoot was fun, relaxed and so positive!"
  - Andrea


"All I have to say is that I have never had such a terrific experience with a photographer! Since getting my photos with him, I have been going on ten TIMES as many commercial auditions. Ten TIMES! And he didn't break my bank!"
  - Dave


"This is the first photo shoot I'd had since losing 165 pounds so, naturally I was a little afraid of what the camera might see, but, Mark helped me with every step of the process and really made me feel relaxed. Mark's 'eye' gave me shots that make me look confident, alive and wonderful!"
  - Jim


"My photo shoot with Mark was hilarious...he is by far the best photographer I've ever shot with. He is so frigin talented, funny, and knows his craft. I have a face only a mother could love...Mark captured my character and my agents are thrilled with his work. Mark took care of the whole process from beginning to end with integrity...he rocks! I'm going to tell all my actor friends on the east coast to get on a plane and have their mug shots done by a real pro...Bennington!"
  - Janet


"I had never really done this head shot thing before, so all of this was new. All I did was take a bunch of clothes and say, "What should we do?" Mark made everything so easy! We just talked and laughed and had a great time. Matter of fact, I had a blast! The pictures Mark took were fantastic! My wife (a former model) couldn't believe how good they were. So many great shots that it was hard to pick just a few. I'm happy, my wife's happy, my agent's happy. Who could ask for anything more?"
  - Kendall


"Mark has a style like no other photographer I've ever shot with. He actually captures the actors being themselves before that uncomfortable moment of "oh shit, I'm getting my picture taken, I better look good." He doesn't waste time or allow the actor to get tired or bored which makes for the perfect headshot; a headshot that actually doesn't look posed; a headshot that allows the person to look like them self. Mark is fun to shoot with and is cool as hell."
  - Chris

"Mark Bennington is more than a busy bi-coastal headshot photographer, he is an world-wide expert Artist! His approach is relaxed, funny, efficient and very savvy… producing gorgeous color combinations and seeing way beyond your standard headshot."

 - Olivia

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